Increasing Access to Quality Child Care

Resource and Referral Services are generally available as a community service providing parents with child care program contacts appropriate to their situation.

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Child Care Services

    • On-Site or Near-Site Child Care Program: Employers sponsor a child care program on or near company premises and provide some level of financial support for rent, build-out according to licensing regulations and/or operating costs of the program. Due to the complexities of operating a child care program, employers often outsource the program to professional child care organizations. To learn more about employer sponsored/independently operated child care programs contact:
Bright Horizons Family Solutions
Kindercare Education at Work
    • Partner with Other Employers: A group of companies in close proximity to one another or similar businesses share the expenses of operating a child care program for their employees. This option is particularly suitable for small companies, city-center businesses, industrial parks, shopping malls and first responder emergency services.
    • Family Child Care Network/Cooperative: Family child care is offered for a small number of children in a home setting. Companies can form or fund networks of family child care homes or small owner-operated provide child care to support their employees.  For more information, contact Executives Partnering to Invest in Children (EPIC).
    • Back-up Care: Employers contract with independent organizations to provide choices for short-term care of employees’ children when regular care arrangements fall through, such as when the child care provider is sick or during unexpected school closings. For more information, contact or Bright Horizons.
    • Non-traditional/Shift-Work Child Care: Access to shift-work child care is limited because most center-based child care programs operate with traditional care hours. Employers with high needs for shift-workers should explore a family child network/cooperative or consider an on-site or near-site child care program.


Purchase Child Care Space/Discount Program:

    • Purchase Space: The employer contracts for a specified number of spaces in a nearby child care program. Parent fees may cover most or all of the cost of any spaces they use.  However, the company funds the cost of unused spaces due to staff turnover or a child "aging out of child care" in order to secure the space for other employees.
    • Discount Program: The employer contracts for child care discounts for its employees. An employer can contract with a single child care program or several programs. The contract fees for the discount is considered a company business expense.